Hangin w Lavs 1 JT Jarred Taylor @jtarticle15

Hangin w Lavs 1 JT Jarred Taylor @jtarticle15

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JT from Black Rifel Coffee, Article 15, The Be Blackhearted Podcast and a number of other companies check em out you just might learn something. Or not, but .
Tyler Trueman telling us what time it is in the digging /bmx world.
Andre Touchy Fili is an action sports star that kills it in the UFC. Awesome guy check em out!
Buy At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed the 1st ever Romance Novel for Dudes here: .
When a bunch of Romads take to the kitchen, nothing but greatness for tastebuds will come about!!! Created By: Jarred Taylor .

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